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Driving Real Success With Real World Experience...

Many people will tell you that SUCCESS happens when an OPPORTUNITY is met by someone willing to put in the HARD WORK.

​The strength of the 1-800-Packouts Corporate Leadership is their willingness to put in the hard work. While experience in the industry can never be discounted, it is what the 1-800 Packouts Corporate Leadership has done with their experience that makes the biggest difference. Once the opportunity to take the 1-800-Packouts Brand out into the industry became a reality, the Corporate Leadership knew that there was a real opportunity to be a true Pioneer in the Industry and make a positive impact on how personal property is processed and handled all across the U.S. With this brand, there comes great responsibility for making sure each franchise is equipped with the knowledge and training that they need so that they are better prepared to be able to service the wide array of situations they may run into while handling their daily personal property claims.

​Because the Corporate Leadership understands this need to be prepared, every 1-800-Packouts Franchise Group completes a comprehensive hands-on training class prior

to opening their doors for business. This training course is included in your Initial Franchise Fee, and opportunities to gain additional education are made available periodically throughout each calendar year. Our training class curriculum is based on real-world scenarios and experiences that our corporate team has encountered throughout their tenure in the industry.

​1-800-Packouts boasts a dedicated National Training Complex that provides each Franchise Group the ability to gain hands-on experience in a closed environment where the focus is on learning, understanding, and becoming better equipped to deal with the day-to-day nuances of the personal property claims industry.

​Because the 1-800-Packouts Corporate Leadership has been in the field handling contents for decades themselves and they continue to operate their own franchise daily, they have a unique perspective on how to train. The instructors that train each new Franchise Group are people that are in the field and handling personal property claims themselves when they are not in the classroom. Why is the important?

The Corporate Leadership feels it is important because it is rare in this industry to find an opportunity to learn from people who actually employ the techniques they are teaching you in their own business and out in the field daily.

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One of America's Top 100 Business Opportunities

As a company that has proven to be the Unified Front in the Personal Property Insurance Industry, 1-800-Packouts sets the bar.

​Our greatest strength is our people. From the Corporate Leadership to our Franchise Owners all across the U.S., 1-800 Packouts is comprised of some of the most experienced names in the Contents Industry. They offer an unparalleled level of professionalism and proficiency in an industry that is known to be demanding and in the need of this type of people handling personal property claims.

The 1-800-Packouts educational process is another key component of raising the standard in the industry of how personal property claims are handled. We’re never going to be satisfied with meeting the status quo. It is our goal to always improve our process, improve ourselves, and improve the experience our clients have.
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